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The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc
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3rd year's (2016) Visual Art Creation was:
Create some form of visual art
that represents the Donauschwaben culture.
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2nd year's (2015) contest results
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and the winners were:
These are their creations:
Kirsten Ittner
Tomas Botsch
Kayla Finn
1st place

Kirsten Ittner

“My Opa, who is
always would tell my
cousins and I stories
about his life in the old
country, so that is
what inspired the
2nd place
Tomas Botsch
Cleveland Donauschwaben

My nickname is Schwoblife.   What does
Schwoblife mean?   I get this question from almost
everybody that’s not from our German club.   To
me Schwoblife means to live life as a Schwob
would.   Whether it is incorporating the
Donauschwaben heritage in my everyday life
whether that be to speak Schwowish to my Oma
cooking recipes from the old country or sporting
our wappen everywhere I go.   Last year I had the
chance to take wood shop in school, and I thought
that was cool already.   When it came time to
start our last project I was very excited because
we were asked to make a clock.   As soon as I
heard we were going to make a clock, I instantly
thought about the Donauschwaben wappen.   It
took me a long time to finish the clock, about 6
weeks.   All the hard work and dedication going
into this project meant so much to me.   The time
flew by.   While I was making the clock I did some
research on the wappen.   The blue represents the
Donau river, the black eagle spreads its
protective wings over the Danube region.   The
six taller represents the six major settlement
areas of the Donauschwaben.   I love the
SCHWOLIFE and my heritage.
3rd place

Kayla Finn

Explanation: The three photos were made by using other photos to make the bigger photo.
Attached are the three photos by themselves as well as together in order to see it better.
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