DSFoundationUSA - Church of St. Michael in  Windsor, Canada
The Danube Swabian  Foundation of the
U.S.A.,Die Donauschwaebische  Stiftung der Inc.
The Church of St. Michael  in Windsor, Canada
(This is an excerpt from the book "Canada's Danube Swabians - Kanadas
Donauschwaben" by Fritz Wieden  and Michael Benzinger in 1992)
When Father Koloman Moullion came to Windsor he promised to stay with
the  Danube Swabian community and care for their religious needs. He
was a Catholic  refugee priest who had escaped from one of Marschall
Tito's death camps. He  organized the building of a lasting monument to
Danube Swabian cultural  creativity. His sister Antonia, a Catholic nun
and artist, who was trained in  Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria,
designed and finished the inside of the  church. She painted the ceilings,
designed the 32 printed-glass windows and  created eight mosaics. This
is their life-time achievement and a worthwhile  place to visit.Father
Johann Halter, another Danube Swabian refugee priest assisted Father  
Moullion and became pastor in 1971, after Father Moullion's death. In
1989 father  Heinrich Sicking became the pastor.
Painted Ceiling
Homeless Danube Swabian Family
All these were
designed and
created by Sister
Antonia, a
Catholic nun and
the sister of
Father Moullion.
St. Elizabeth side altar
St. Elizabeth side
St. Boniface side
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