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The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc
Review of Events of the Past Years which the Stiftung has supported.
Rosi Burmeister          December 2020

Over the last many years, in this Christmas newsletter, the Foundation has shared the current
year’s activities which were supported in part by the Stiftung. Alas, this year 2020, we have
had no Treffens, no soccer tournaments , and no gatherings of our groups across the nation.
In place of our usual articles on the Jugendfreundschaftlagers or the trips to Europe by the
various groups, we will do a quick review of the many events and projects which the
Stiftung has supported over the past ten years.

They were first started as a means to get our youth together nationally more than just once yearly
at the annual Treffens. This was a fabulous opportunity to merge learning about our heritage,
customs, and foods joined with additional learning of new dances and making new friendships
across the nation. Jugendlagers have been held in Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago (both clubs), Los
Angeles, Park Waldheim (Ontario, Canada), Akron, and St. Louis. The first was held in St. Louis
and the Stiftung has given monetary support to each event, whether to the club directly or to the

It has also benefitted from the Stiftung support- Soccer tournaments have been held in clubs
annually in many different cities: Cleveland, Akron, United German Hungarian, Milwaukee,
Chicago Grün Weiss, Detroit, and Mansfield. (I apologize if I omitted any club in error.)

Trips to Europe
The Stiftung also supports the trips to Europe which many clubs have undertaken in the past
ten years. This is a huge investment by these clubs and their members and they are to be
congratulated for their hard work and continued energy – these trips are fun, but an incredible
amount of work as well.

Additionally, there have been three Weltreffen events at which there was also a Jugendlager held
that involved both learning and cultural events for our youth. The Stiftung offered financial support
for these trips:
2011 to Harkany , Hungary
2016 Werischwar, Hungary
2019 Baja, Hungary and Romania.
Additionally, there was a Weltreffen in 2007 in Werischwar at which the youth dance leaders from
around the world met and learned additional dances as well. This event received financial support
from the Stiftung as well.

Documentary Video by Anne Morrison
In 2012 the Stiftung was a major supporter of the Video:
Millions Cried, No One Listened by Anne Morrison.
The documentary was very well received and brought the story of the Danube Swabian people
and their tragedies to audiences who had not known of our history previously.

Oma Abt Youth Heritage Awards
The Oma Abt Youth Heritage Awards were spearheaded by Katy Abt and the Abt family.
Katy continues to organize the annual essay and visual art contests for all of our youth members
throughout the country –There is always a theme question which connects back to our Danube
Swabian roots and heritage. The Stiftung is proud to support this award along with the Abt family
on an annual basis.

Additionally, the Stiftung financially supports the annual Kulturpreis
which is presented by the Landesverband.

“Der Grosse Schwabenzug” Translation
And finally, the Stiftung has given support to the Pannonia Press in their translation and publishing
of the historical novel:
“The Great Swabian Migration”
Panonian Press generously continues to support the Stiftung in turn with book sales profits.

These are just the additional events and projects which the Stiftung has supported. On an annual
basis, the Stiftung offers stipends for the youth dance groups, the German schools as well as the
brass bands. We continue to support our Danube Swabian groups and ask for your generosity in
donating to our Foundation. Without the continued support of our members and community, we
could not continue our mission.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
We hope to see you all again soon!

Please send donations to:
Danube Swabian Foundation, USA
c/o Joseph Brandecker, Treasurer
11 Senf Drive, Yardville, New Jersey 08620

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