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The Danube Swabian Foundation of the U.S.A., Inc.
Die Donauschwaebische Stiftung der USA, Inc
“The Talk”

Have you had “The Talk” with your kinder, friends and fellow club members?  It’s
not what you think, (Vögel und Bienen/birds and the bees), but the importance of
maintaining the Donauschwaben culture. What it means to be a Schwob!  Have you
discussed your past childhood, your roots, traditions, Unser Sproch with your family
and friends? Have you gone to your club, and spoken to the newer members, those
who have joined to immerse themselves in “German culture”, of the importance of
keeping the Schwowische legacy, beliefs and practices alive for the next generations
to come. 70 years have passed since the start of the expulsion of our people from the
Heimat and ultimate transition to new homelands around the world.  It’s amazing to
consider what has been achieved by rebuilding and reclaiming these lives since being
scattered around the world. However, it should be of no surprise given the
pioneering spirit that’s in our DNA.  Keeping the Schwowische traditions alive upon
arriving in new lands was important.  Through a willingness to work hard,
maintaining  deep faith and pinching pennies (thriftiness),  many cities purchased
land, poured foundations, bricks and mortar went up with strong roofs to bring
together meeting places for the preservation of our Kirchweihfest, our dances, sport,
blaskapelle, chor … for our culture!    

Today’s youth, your friends and your own observations tell you the world is getting
to be a smaller place. With smart phones and the internet, knowledge is swift and
informative.  However, nothing beats a lesson from Oma and Opa.  Our
Donauschwaben ancestors passed their cultural knowledge with “The Talk” before
there were such devices.  Schwowische parents guide their children with strong
faith, order and good practices.  This continues today as you watch your own youth
share their pride for the culture as they meet Schwobs from around the world at our
events. Job well done to all of you!!!!!
Will we be here for the next 70 years???    I believe so!!!     For the past several
years I have had the honor of meeting leaders from the variety of clubs throughout
US, Canada, South America and Europe (What a blessing). To be Donauschwaben is
to be globe (a pioneer). I can assure you, those that I have met sind alle echte
Schwobs!!!! Their passion, knowledge and hearts will carry us forward.  Once again,
job well done by all of the leaders!!!!

With the help of your club’s Directors, my job is to ask you for your financial
thoughtfulness this holiday season.  Currently The Danube-Swabian Foundation of
the USA, Inc./ Die Donauschwäbische Stiftung der USA, Inc. is participating in a
“Pledge Your Age Campaign”.  Simply put, consider a donation based on your age.
Share this pledge concept using “The Talk” with your kinder, friends and fellow
members.  The Donauschwäbische Stiftung’s pledge is to continue to document past
history (DVD and books)and further foster what our future pioneers hold for the
Donauschwaben way of life.  Through activities supported by the Foundation:
German School, soccer, Jugendgruppe trips to Europe and Jugend dance groups
your financial support allows the leaders to continue their “Talk” and sharing of
knowledge to assure the continued legacy of the Donauschwaben.

Frohe Weihnachten
und ein Glückliches Neues Jahr !
Eddie Tullius  
Stiftungspräsident, USA
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